Our plant is spread over 45,000 sq. meters of which 25,000 sq. meters are a covered area connected with dedicated 33Kva and 11Kva lines. The plant is supported by two mobile hydras, tractors, trolleys and utility vehicles. We have two Hot Rolling Mills that have independent production capacities to roll various sections including 3Hi Hot Rolling mill of 355mm and 250mm.

Forging Plants:

Agricultural Implements and Hand Tools Plant:
We have 4 separate forging plants to manufacture Picks and Mattocks having 4 Roll forging presses and 20 mechanical presses.


Has Pneumatic hammers, Heavy duty mechanical presses and upsetters, Roll forging presses supported by electric heating and coal fired furnaces.

Drop Forging:

Capacity of 1 tonne and 2 tonnes Drop forge hammers.

Finishing Plant includes:

1. Grinding Machines
2. Belt Polishing Machines
3. Leather Wheel Buffing Machines
4. Shot Blasting Machines
5. Powder coating and spray painting machines.

Availability of Land and Power:

As far as power is concerned, we have acquired and set up transformers of sufficient capacity. We also have the sanction for the same drawn up. To get the uninterrupted power supply, we have independent transmission lines from the local substation to our units. To utilise the power optimally, we have a combination of 11KV as well as 33KV power supply.


For manufacturing various kinds of tools we use the best and tested grade of steel. We also have an in-house testing facility to recheck the specific steel required.

After forging the tools we harden them with the help of Induction Furnaces which gives them the desired level of perfection and uniform hardness.


"Working with SIL has been an absolute pleasure. Their customer service is second to none and their services are tailored to meet our unique market demands.
We have found SIL to be a great vendor and a valuable partner in our business. I appreciate the good service and quality products we provide to our customers.
We have been associated with SIL for five years and we find that they are fully dedicated to every job. Their continuous improvement in quality and efficiency is the reason we give them repeated orders."