About Shivagrico Implements Ltd.


Shivagrico Implements Ltd. was initially setup as a partnership concern in 1965, to manufacture hand-tools, equipment and agricultural implements like pickaxes, powrahs, crowbars and so forth, in the name of Shiv Steel Works. In the year 1988, the firm was reconstituted as a private limited company with a view to expand its activities. We became a public limited company and entered the capital market by the year 1992.
The company has been a pioneer in the manufacturing of agri implements and has been selling its products under the brands LION and CHETAK.

ROLLING DIVISION: The rolling division has been assayed to have an appropriate capacity of 36,000 metric tones per annum, and is capable of producing Angles, Octagonal / Hexagonal Bars, Rectangular Bars, Square Bars as well as Flat Bars in special sections which are widely used for various tools and also in the automobile industry.

FORGING DIVISION: This division has an estimated capacity of 2.6 million units of agricultural implements per annum in which picks, mattocks, crowbars, hoes, hammers, digging bars and similar other products are manufactured. All the above products are manufactured in open die forging, close forging and also roll forging deploying various type of machinery such as press forging, roll forging and drop forging.We have also developed 150 different shapes and sections along with different dies.Heat Treatment of various tools is carried out in accordance with the requirement using induction heating and direct heating.

DROP FORGING FACILITY: We have two hammers at this facility, with a capacity of 1 and 2 tons respectively. Here, we manufacture about 800,000 implements annually for TATA LIMITED alone.

SETTING UP OF MANUFACTURING FACILITY: Shivagrico Implements has the requisite know how to setup manufacturing plants similar to ours for our clients that are into similar range of products and can undertake turnkey projects after conducting a feasibility study. We have advised and guided clients in Tanzania, Kenya in the set-up of their manufacturing plans and have also exported machinery to African countries.

Who we are

We are one of the leading Manufacturers & Exporters of Agricultural Implements / Hand tools since last three decades, and were recognized as a Public Limited Company in 1992. We have wide product range of about 150 products of Agricultural Implements & Hand tools such as Picks, Mattock, Crowbars, Hoes, Hammers, Garden rakes, Shuttering Clamps, Hoes, etc.

Our manufacturing unit is in Rajasthan (Falna) and our head office is in Mumbai. We have our own Induction Furnace, Rolling plant and eight forging units. Hence starting from the basic raw material like ingots up to the finished product, every product is manufactured by us.

Our team of dedicated and qualified personnel supervises the entire production. Quality is determined at every stage of production. We also have workshops having lathes, shapers, planners, milling and Vertical milling centres to make Dyes, Tools, Jigs etc. which are used for the manufacturing of any rolled / forged items as per buyer's specification and can undertake turnkey projects for establishment of industrial units for manufacturing agricultural implements.

We have also received the Export Excellence Award for five consecutive years. We assure you that the agricultural implements manufactured by us shall meet your specifications to the best of our ability.

To assure you of quality and timely service, we have an in house laboratory for testing the chemical composition.
We also have a Merchant Export Division which caters to products for the international market.

Vision and Mission


Shivagrico Implements Limited aims to establish itself as a strategic supplier of Re-rolled and Forged products, provide customer delight by consistently delivering products that are of quality second to none. We strive to become one of the most diversified plants in the industry and generate wealth to serve its shareholders, the surrounding communities and the nation.


The company will strive to further expand its product base by developing new products with continuous improvements in existing product range with higher efficiency.

Meet our team


Our Advantages

  • At Shivagrico Implements Ltd, we have an integrated manufacturing setup and the ability to develop new products catered to individual client’s requirements yielding better products at the highest quality.
  • Looking to the future, we have expanded our facilities to add more values to our products by adding additional processes of shot blasting, spray painting, powder coating and imparting heat treatment whenever required.
  • The company has acquired approximately 24,000 sq. meters (2.4 hectares) of land area and built a covered shed of 4,000 sq. meters. This will also be used for storage of finished goods and for residential facilities for the dedicated staff along with an in house canteen.
  • The additional area of the land has been planted with trees and rain water harvesting and conservation has been carried out for improvement.
  • These facilities will also be used for direct shipment by loading containers directly.


For manufacturing various kinds of tools we use the best and tested grade of steel. We also have an in-house testing facility to recheck the specific steel required.

After forging the tools we harden them with the help of Induction Furnaces which gives them the desired level of perfection and uniform hardness.


"Working with SIL has been an absolute pleasure. Their customer service is second to none and their services are tailored to meet our unique market demands.
We have found SIL to be a great vendor and a valuable partner in our business. I appreciate the good service and quality products we provide to our customers.
We have been associated with SIL for five years and we find that they are fully dedicated to every job. Their continuous improvement in quality and efficiency is the reason we give them repeated orders."